Migration of Zambia Online Email Service

Due to the increasing problem of spam emails being sent out from many Zambia Online email boxes by spammers and scammers, we wish to inform all our esteemed Zambia Online email subscribers that we shall be discontinuing the free email service hosted by Google after nine years and we shall be switching to our own paid email service with effect from Saturday 13th June 2015.

In order for you to maintain your Zambia Online mailbox, you shall be required to pay K120 (One hundred and twenty Kwacha) PER YEAR for your mailbox (about $16 per year). This is to deter scammers and spammers who rely on free email services.

Everyone who makes the payment shall have their existing mailbox with all emails, contacts and calendar items imported into the new system. Due to technical compatibility issues, we cannot import the other Google services such as Google Groups, Google Plus, Google Drive, etc. You need to back up your information from these other Google services.

Kindly make payments as soon as possible to ensure your mailbox is preserved in the new system. Once the paid accounts have been migrated, passwords shall be reset and we shall inform you how to login into the new system and set your password. We shall continue offering our email service to any new paying subscribers.

You can make your payments by either depositing the K120 into our account (see details below). We shall not accept monthly payments. Please send a photo of the deposit slip to admin<at>zambia<dot>co<dot>zm if you use the bank account.

If you require any clarifications, you can call us on +260955819937 or email us on admin<at>zambia<dot>co<dot>zm.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

ZOL Admins.

Account Details:
Moneynet Enterprises Ltd
Cavmont Bank
Kalingalinga Branch
Account Number: CHK 095300561006

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