Update: Online Payments for ZOL Mail

Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Michael Chishala

Dear all, Our online merchant account processing system has been approved and is ready for use. You can now pay using credit and debit cards for your Zambia Online mailbox on our Zambia Online Store. Please ... Read More



Update on ZOL Mail Migration

Published on June 11th, 2015 | by Michael Chishala

Dear all, As we indicated earlier, we have been negotiating with Google to extend the deadline for the migration of the ZOL email system beyond the 13th of June as many subscribers expressed concern that the ... Read More



Migration of Zambia Online Email Service

Published on May 28th, 2015 | by Moneynet Enterprises

We shall be discontinuing the ZOL free email service hosted by Google after nine years and shall be switching to our own paid email service with effect from Saturday 13th June ... Read More

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